Wonderware Tagname Problem – Exceeded Dictionary Limit of Tags Problem Solved

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Hello, Wonderware InTouch Users. Hope you all doing great with your Wonderware InTouch application. You already know about many features and functions of Wonderware InTouch which help you make many interesting projects. However, recently many of our readers came across a problem with free version of Wonderware InTouch application. The problem is associated with the use of Wonderware tagname. And to solve their problem I came up with this article.

Lets see problem in detail.

What is the problem –

Well, the problem faced by the user is about the Wonderware tagname. Yes, after a while, when users try to create a wonderware tagname they see a prompt on the screen saying Exceeded Dictionary Limit of Tags.

Wonderware Tagname Problem Solved - Exceeded Dictionary Limit of Tags

The issue seems to be a critical one. And this encouraged us to have a deep analysis of the problem. Well, good news is we found the solution. Indeed, we feel this is our duty. Now, let’s see what is the reason of this problem. Followed by a most economical and clever solution, ever.

Our Analysis –

As I said earlier the problem came up with those Wonderware InTouch Users, who are using a free or evaluation copy of the software. Well, for that we downloaded a free copy of the software. Installed it and then analyzed the problem.

There is a limit to use wonderwar tagnames in free copy of Wonderwar InTouch application. The limit being 32 tags per application. Which means if you are making a project in Wonderwar Intouch which might require tags more than 32, you might find it difficult. And that is the problem which many users faced.

We can say here that it a tricky move by Schneider electric to encourage or prompt users to buy full featured version of Wonderware InTouch. But students who don’t need it for Industrial automation purpose, and need only for learning purposes, face problems. As tags are the most important thing in Wonderware Programming, one can not explore the real potential of Wonderware InTouch without it.

But our deep analysis of the problem found a working solution for all those users who don’t want to upgrade to premium version of Wonderware Intouch.

The Solution –

Some might be in mood to purchase full edition of Wonderware InTouch. Well, it is a good and an obvious solution. But only if you a pocket with plenty of bucks to purchase it. For those who are short of money or don’t want to invest right now, must have another solution.

So, the other smart solution to overcome this problem is Smart Work. Yes, you read right. Now, What do I mean by smart work?

Smart Work means smart use of the wonderware tagname (s) in any application. As there are only 32 tags available for a particular application/project, you need to use them very smartly. You must do a pre-calculation of number of tags required and use them accordingly.

Various tips that might help you in selecting tags smartly are –

  • You must calculate and analyze requirement of tags at first place
  • Check if a tag can be used for two or more than two components
  • See if any of the tag is unnecessary
  • Check if any tag is not in use

Lets elaborate each point a little.

Calculation and Requirement of Wonderware tagname (s) –

We refer to our project, Fault Detection in Overhead transmission Lines.

Tip – Open above url in new tab for convenience.

In that project I have used 22 components in the Main window. The tagnames used are as follows –

  • Transmission lines  named w1-w10 (w1 to w10)
  • MCCB 1-4 named b1-b4, other 3 MCCB a10-a12
  • Main CB named mainswitch1 and other 3 named subswitch1-subswitch3
  • Control switch named a2

Now, let’s see how smartly tags are used –

MCCB 1 is given tagname b1 and it is supposed to turn its color to red when main switch 1 is closed. If you notice, the small indicator on left side of main switch 1 also changes its color to red. This is because both MCCB1 and this indicator are given tagname b1 with discrete fill color property. So, here we saw how I have used single wonderware tagname to change property of two different components.

In similar manner, I have done the same with other MCCBs and indicators for them. Which means I have reduced the number of tagnames to half for this purpose.

You might have some idea now how to use wonderware tagname (s) smartly to avoid the unnecessary usage.

You must first calculate the requirement of all tags, them analyze smarty where you can reduce the number of tags by ensuring that same tag can be used for more than two components.

Check Unused Tags and delete them –

You must know how to check all the number of tags you have used. Well, It Is pretty hard to remember each tag. And to help you with that there is a functionality in Wonderware InTouch which lets you find all the wonderware tag (s) that you have used.

Note – Before using this function close all the windows in the windowmaker.

Go to –

Special – > Cross Reference -> Search

Wonderware Tagname Problem Solved - Exceeded Dictionary Limit of Tags
Step 1
Wonderware Tagname Problem Solved - Exceeded Dictionary Limit of Tags
Step 2
Wonderware Tagname Problem Solved - Exceeded Dictionary Limit of Tags
Step 3
Wonderware Tagname Problem Solved - Exceeded Dictionary Limit of Tags
Step 4
Wonderware Tagname Problem Solved - Exceeded Dictionary Limit of Tags
Step 6

Here you can see which tags you are using. Delete those which are not in use.

Luckily, there is a shortcut way to do that.

Go to –

Special -> Delete Unused tags

And after that go to –

Special -> Update Use Counts

That’s it. Problem solved.

Number of tags bother when you use them unnecessarily. Smart use of tags would left you with 5-6 tags in your pocket even when there is a limit of 32 tags.

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