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Hello, Wonderware InTouch users. I hope you are doing great things with your InTouch. In this journey of learning Wonderware InTouch application, it is important to have some knowledge about SCADA. If one says knowledge of SCADA is important before using InTouch, he might be correct. Directly or Indirectly, Wonderware InTouch and SCADA have a bond between them. So, what is SCADA? This post is written in an attempt to answer this question. At the end of this post, you may learn following:

What is scada - all about scada
Wonderware InTouch SCADA application home screen
  • What is SCADA?
  • All about SCADA
  • SCADA uses
  • SCADA software
  • And many more

Let’s start the discussion with first question that is

What is SCADA?

SCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. From this full form only one can deduce a little about SCADA. Let’s do that first to understand SCADA definition in simple terms. SCADA provides control as well as data acquisition of a process interfaced with it. In other words, SCADA is an industrial automation tool helping in process control, data fetching and data acquisition of processes inside industries.

Now, what do I mean when I say process control? Well, what I say is what I mean. Supervision of a process or work inside an industry as well as control of this work/process is what SCADA does. Maintaining the output of a process within desired range with the help of various mechanisms and algorithms is called process control. And after application of desired mechanisms and algorithms, careful observation of process as well as making sure that everything is going as per desire is called supervision.

Data acquisition is the process of collecting needful data while is process is on. For example when an automated process is applied to fill buckets with water, fetching and storage of data related to this process is called data acquisition. In other words, information like buckets filled, water quantity used, water quantity left etc is data for the process. Fetching this information and storing it in a file is called data acquisition.

According to Schneider Electric (manufacturer of Wonderware), SCADA is

Any application that gets operating data about a system in order to control and optimize that system is a SCADA application.

And that’s what we discussed in detail.

Uses of SCADA –

As discussed above, supervision and data acquisition are two main roles of SCADA software. The process could be anything for example petrochemical distillation process, water filtration system, a pipeline compressor or anything else. Any application providing control and data acquisition is SCADA.

So the question – what is SCADA – is now clear. What comes up next is – What are various SCADA softwares available. In light of this I have wrote down the list of various SCADA manufactures.

List of SCADA software manufactures –

  1. Schneider Electric
  2. Tesco Control Inc
  3. B-SCADA Inc
  4. ONSPEC Inc
  6. Campbell Scientific Inc
  7. Mitsubishi Electric
  8. Any many more…

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