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Hello, InTouch Wonderware users. Or I could have said Wonderware InTouch users. Well, I consider both phrases equivalent although they are not (technically). In order to avoid any ambiguity I will use InTouch Wonderware hereinafter.

Now, as we are clear with phrases we move ahead to discuss motive of this post. I have written this post with a motive to give each and every information about InTouch Wonderware. That is, its use, features and working environment. Not only this, we will discuss special features that made it this popular. In view of this let’s move ahead to the discussion.

What is InTouch Wonderware?

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Well, technically speaking, It is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) software. Simply speaking, it is software that provides an interface between Human and Machines. Any machine, ranging from a small manufacturing machine to large manufacturing machine can be interfaced with InTouch.

Now, ask yourself what is interface? Well, an interface could be anything that provides some basic features that control working of any machine. For example – A digital screen that has functions start and stop is able to start a machine when button start is pressed. Similarly, machine goes to a halt after pressing stop. Here, in this example digital screen is an Interface that provides human to operate a machine. Now, as we know what HMI is, it is time to have a good definition of it.

InTouch Wonderware is an HMI software which has very advanced and intuitive features. Moreover, it is a process visualization software. That means, using this software we can not only interface machines but also can visualize the process that a machine is under. See video below to have an idea about process visualization.

Features of InTouch Wonderware –

Process Visualization 

As discussed above, InTouch Wonderware is a powerful tool for process visualization. You can keep track of each and every process under way. Have a look on the video to see how process is visualized in industries using this software. The exact visualization of task in process is seen on the computer monitor through graphical tools of this software.

Moreover, the Situational Awareness Library of ArchestrA Graphics is present in this software. This feature provides a method for dynamic process visualization.

Interfacing Capabilities

This software has very strong interfacing capabilities. That is, the software is capable to provide interface with a variety of devices. In light of this, many industrial plants replace PLC vendor-supplied software with InTouch wonderware.

Powerful and Smart Tool

This software comes with a dynamic resolution conversion feature. That is, there is no fix resolution for it. Graphics can be resized as per the resolution of the device. And without any distortion regardless of screen size of device.

Ready to Use Realistic Symbols

Symbol Library in the software is very easy to understand. It comes with the pre-tested graphical library. Graphics installed are very realistic and ready to use. Moreover, you get drag-and-drop access to pre-built engineering components. Pre-built engineering components like transformer, generator are available.

Versatile Software

 This software has many more features like scripting, .NET controls and many more. You can extend its features by installing different plugins in it. You can increase number of symbols by using Symbol Factory software. Access to other functions such as Web browsers, desktop applications and others is also present.

To know in detail about these features you can visit this page.

Working Environment of InTouch Wonderware –

The working environment for the software is very user friendly. There is no complexity in using this application even for the first time users.

See how to install Intouch Wonderware in Windows.


When you open the application, you will find a blank screen. You can simply navigate the menu to make new window. Similarly, you can add components you need for your assignment. To write script, right click on the window. Followed by clicking on window scripts. 

To run the program just click on runtime tab. It is located on the extreme top right of the window. Likewise, to come back to development window click on development tab. Development tab is also on top right corner of the window.

Know more about InTouch click here.

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