Get The Sims 2 Free – Possible Reasons

In the previous post, Get the sims 2 free – Trick Explained, we learned how to get the sims 2 free of cost and the reason why we can get this game. However, for better execution of the trick we need to show some cleverness. Hence, in this post we will learn to frame some possible reasons when consult EA help adviser.

To know more about the game you may refer back to the previous post on this trick. We will now see what all possible reasons we can use.

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The Sims 2 Free – Possible Reasons

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You can get your physical disk replaced with the digital copy of the game if your physical disc is corrupt or no more compatible with OS. You need to provide the picture of the game leaflet to the adviser to get the digital copy. Various possible reasons that you might use –

  • Your game cd is corrupt and you are not able to install the game
  • Lost your game code
  • Purchased the game disc but you are not able to install as you do not have a cd drive in your PC
  • You missed the promotion and a big fan of the game (and have the game in disc but couldn’t install)

These are the various possible reason that you can use which will help you to get the game. Lets dig a little bit about each.

Your Game CD is Corrupt – The Sims 2

When you contact the adviser and directly ask for the game, it might seem awkward to him. He might get to know that you know about the trick (as possibly other people might have used it). In order to avoid any awkwardness you must have a valid reason why you contacted the EA help adviser as that would be first question he would ask. When he ask you this, you need to tell him your are not able to install the game due to corrupt cd. Consequently, you may request him for the digital copy. He will ask you for the picture which you know how to provide. If you do not know this, please refer to this link – Get the sims 2 free – Trick Explained.

However, if find your self unlucky here, please do not lose hope as you have other reasons as will which might work.

You lost your game code

You bought a new computer and have the TS2 cd but you lost your code. This in my opinion is one foolproof reason you can use. You can ask the adviser to know if it is possible to buy the game. The Sims 2 is actually not available on the store. The question here make adviser feel that you have genuine reason to ask for the digital copy and you are really willing to buy the game.

Other reason you might use is you purchase have the game disc but you are not able to install as you do not have a cd drive in your new PC. Adviser mask ask your about the code here. All you need to do is go back to the first reason – you lost the code. 😀

Extra Measures

Just to make sure you are not phishing you can take these extra measures. It might happen that no sooner you come to know about this trick you make a brand new EA account and contact the adviser for the free game. I suggest to make sure your account is one to 2 months old or at least 15 days old. However, if you have those soft skills you can try your luck even with one day old account as well.

Also, just to show your account have games in it you can download demo games or some free games from the Origin always has some On the house games which it offers free to players. You can see On the house games at

Sharing is Caring – Help your friends

If the trick helped you please share the post with your friends. You can help your friends to get free game as well. Please like our @Facebook page to get updated about such more tricks.

Important – All the explanation here is my personal experience. I really love EA games specifically The Sims series and I do not intend to harm EA by any means. This is just my experience which converted into a trick after a thought to help other people to find a free game.

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