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Hello, Wonderware InTouch Users, I hope you all doing good. In this post I will explain a small trick on how you can get the best selling video game ever for free. And that too a genuine game, trust me no crack or other pirated copy. The game in consideration is “The Sims 2” from Electronic Arts (EA). Read on to know how to get The Sims 2 Free of cost.

We will first know a little about the game followed by its features and finally the trick. Lets not waste the time more and see what this game is all about.

The Sims 2 Free – Game Information

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The Sims 2 also know as TS2 is a legendary game from EA and is the best selling video game ever. It is the first sequel to The Sims. Sims is a life simulation game (genre of the game). Life simulation games are where players live the life inside a game. Here in Sims you have to survive in the game just like you survive in the real life. You need to make a Sim, then help him survive in the game. You need to raise him, feed him when hungry, make him bath, find a job when he grows etc etc. That is all you do in your real life you will have to do that in the game. You can take this as if you are a Sim and living a life inside a game. The challenges vary as per Sims needs.

sims 2 free

You can fine more information about the genre of the game here and about the Sims here. An excerpt from the source –

In the game, players control the day-to-day lives of virtual people called “Sims”. Sims require direction, via mouse inputs, in order to have their needs met and live their lives efficiently.

Now, we have learnt a little about the game there must be a question why we can get the game for free. No worries, we explain the reason why you can get the game for free.

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The Sims 2 Free – Promotion from EA

Well, The Sims 2 is quite old game which was first released in September 2004. It was really liked by the gamers around the world and consequently became the  best selling game ever from EA. The EA had a promotion 2 years ago where they offered this game for free as a goodwill gestures to their games. Unfortunately, the promotion ended, however the hope to get the for free did not.

The game used to be come as a physical copy (CD). Now, EA have their own game store called Origin. Origin is a place to buy EA games and also other games. Game is quite old and hence it might face the compatibility issues with the operating system. People having the game disc and the compatibility issue with the game have the option to get it replaced with the digital copy of the game . What about the people who did not have the physical disc? No worries, if not. The aim of the post is to explain this trick only on how to get The Sims 2 free of cost even if you do not have the game disc.

The Trick – Get The Sims 2 Free of Cost

Note – You will have to take aid of a LIE in order to get the game if you do not have the game disc. 😀

If you are afraid that this will put you in danger constitutionally as in you speak a lie in civil court then please do not afraid. It is a lie only for you (and not for whom you ask for the game).

What you need to do here is contact an EA adviser on live chat. Tell them you can not install the game on the computer for some reasons. You might have to tell them that you have the game disc but you lost the game code and hence can not get the game on computer. But actually you do not have the game disc right?

Well, the adviser will ask you to provide the picture of the game disc you have. Now the big question here is you do not have the game disc, so HOW you provide the asked picture? Answer – Google “The Sims 2 Game leaflet”. Download a suitable image and provide it to the adviser. It sounds weird but trust me it works. Isn’t that cool? 😉

You will get to know all about on how to provide the pictures to the adviser. All you need to do tell them is you have the disc but not the code as you lost it. You have the trick now but correct execution is crucial. You need to be a little clever here. It should not seem like you are telling a lie. If you are confident enough here you can create an EA account and contact a live chat adviser. Refer to make account and get in touch with them.

However, for effective execution of the trick I suggest to visit the post – Possible Reasons– The Sims 2 free, as well where you can get to know about the possible reasons and the script that you can use when get in touch with the adviser.

If the trick helped you please share the post with your friends whom you want to have this free game as well. Please like our @Facebook page to get updated about such more tricks.

Important – All the explanation here is based on my personal experience. I really love EA games specifically The Sims series and I do not intend to harm EA by any means. This is just my experience which converted into a trick after a thought to help other people to find a free game.

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